Where we are, what we do

If you are out there and if you can read this you are part of our universe. So hi there fellow traveler and welcome to

Vanishing Point Chronicles

We started this website because we have a superpower we wish to share with you.

Our power: being able to absorb huge amounts of pop culture and report on it with the power of the mac and wits.

This website is all about the cool stuff we like:

comics, superhero’s, TV, movies, games and some little bricks called Lego.


Rip and Liri at Legoland Windsor UK

If you were wondering about the name of the blog, it’s from the DC Universe in which Vanishing point is a space station located at the moment in time just before entropy in the universe attains its highest level and therefore located just before all activity in the universe ends. The Linear Men guard the timeline from this outpost.

Our base of operations.

Our base of operations.

Feel free to share your thoughts with us.

Enjoy and don’t forget to like the posts!

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