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Firefly crew

Paris Comic Con 2016

Another year another con! Right? Well, yes and no seeing this year, instead of stomping Javits to the ground we opted to attend a growing European Comic Con in the heart of Europe: Paris! This con has been growing since 2007 and last year Reedpop took over the reigns modeling it to their NY and […]

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Nice Guys FI

Movie Review: The Nice Guys (2016)

Who didn’t love the action movies from the late 80’s? I know I did and fortunately I had parents who gave fuck all about R ratings because I was way too young to watch most of the shit I watched back then. Lethal Weapon immediately comes to mind. Though maybe my pubescent mind might not […]

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Netflix to bring back Gilmore Girls!

After getting over the shock that four 90min episodes of the Gilmore Girls are in the making, I finally find myself writing this. The news couldn’t be better! Everyone remembers the 7 season show about a mother and daughter set in a fairytale Connecticut town called Stars Hollow. The fast paced quips and pop culture […]

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NYCC 2015: The X-Files panel

22 years after the original series started and 13 years after it ended, Fox Studios together with writer and creator of the X-Files Chris Carter, embarked on a new season of this cult sci fi tv show. Back in 2013 Rip and I attended the 20th anniversary X-Files panel at NYCC and though the questions […]

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