Batman: Bad Blood trailer

After the release of Batman Vs Robin earlier this year, Warner and DC are gearing up to bring us the third part of the animated Batman and Robin story arc: Batman – Bad Blood.  This time around Bruce Wayne himself seems to be missing, prompting a member of the batfamily to fill his shoes:

So with Bruce missing, Gotham is in more danger to fall prey to its many villains. Luckily Master Grayson steps in his former mentor’s cowl to protect the city. The main villain here is a guy called Heretic (from Grant Morrison’s Batman Incorporated comics) who has gathered a group around him among which we find Sportsmaster. As you have guessed, drama and action ensue.

I have to say I was pretty stoked to see Dick Grayson here as Batman, teaming up with young master Damien. Bad Blood is obviously drawing on Grant Morrison’s incredible Batman and Robin run here, which was tons of fun! We already saw them sparring in the last movie but now they’re taking their relationship to a new level. Other than that Bad Blood seems to expand the hero roster with the inclusion of Batwoman and Batwing aka The Batman of Africa. Batwoman is a particularly interesting twist seeing as she always had a troubled relationship with the Batfamily so she should bring some extra dramatic fireworks to this outing. Batwing is one of the newest additions to the Batfamily and probably the one audiences are least familiar with. Bad Blood will certainly help with his recognizability!

Batman Vs Robin wasn’t my favorite but Bad Blood seems to take things in an interesting new direction. Grayson and Damien have a good dynamic so I hope they can capture that here as well. Kate Kane/Batwoman is an interesting character so I hope they take the time to explore her story here. All in all I’m excited by what I’m seeing here.

Batman- Bad Blood was written by J. M. DeMatteis and directed by the talented Jay Oliva.

This should be out digitally on January 19 and on DVD/Blu Ray on Februari 2!


Who else needs an ass kicking?

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