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Addendum: The high water mark of comic book adaptations

Comic book adaptations are nothing new, in fact they have been around since the nineteen forties. Ever since the forties and fifties comic book characters have graced every medium available: movie serials, radio shows, TV shows and movies. And while some shows became very popular comic book adaptations were never hot with Hollywood. For a […]

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DC Kisses II: Batman and Poison Ivy

I was delving into some vintage Poison Ivy comic book stories and it struck me how much she likes to plant a big kiss on the dark knight’s lips! (click each image for a better look! 😉 ) It all began back in 1966, when Poison Ivy was first introduced in Batman #181. She gets […]

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batman darkwing duck

Top Five Best Batman spoofs

This year marks the 75th anniversary of Batman. As a superhero, Batman’s popularity is unmatched and his influence on pop-culture can hardly be overestimated. Not only has the Dark Knight been immitated countless times, he’s also been subject to a few loving spoofs. So here is a rundown of my top-5 Batman spoofs: 5) Nite-Owl […]

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I_Vampire Andrew and Mary kiss

DC comics kisses

February 14, Valentine’s Day. Cupid is shooting his arrows on this most romantic day of the year and he doesn’t just hit us, he’s hitting comic book characters too! Since they saw the light of day in 1938 comic book characters haven’t just been fighting, they’ve been falling in love as well! Light your candles, […]

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I Vampire FI

Looking Back: I, Vampire

Here is a series nobody expected to see along the launch titles of the NEW 52 two years ago: I, Vampire. Love it or hate it: Twilight put vampires back on the minds of the mainstream. Corny as the Twilight books and movies might have been, they did help pave the way for I, Vampire. […]

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Trinity of sin

A look at the Trinity of Sin

The guys over at DC comics love big universe spanning stories. This tradition pretty much started in 1985 with Crisis on Infinite Earths. Over the course of half a century DC had given its writers pretty much free reign over their stories. The result was that by the eighties the DC universe as a whole […]

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wonderwoman fi

The origins of Wonder Woman

Ah Wonder Woman, our favorite heroine. You deflect bullets, force the truth out of the biggest, toughest villains and generally kick ass without loosing your elegance and femininity. Thou art truly the champion of the amazons. Yet after more than 70 years of continuous publication, I thought it interesting to take a look back at […]

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