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Trailer: The Ghost Next Door

A trailer from an upcoming game made by 3 (originally 5) Belgian students. They’ll have a kickstarter up soon and are now trying to get their project greenlit on steam. It’s a topdown shooter inspired by The Binding Of Isaac and its gameplay is close to another topdown shooter, Alien Swarm.   I’m looking forward to it! […]

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Trailer: Sokobond

A puzzle game involving chemistry, without you needing to actually know chemistry. There goes my plans to become the next Heisenberg. The trailer itself is a bit odd. I’m not sure how it works. Anyway maybe a chemist can help me out.   Website:

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Legend Of Dungeon Out Soon

Exploring dungeons, permadeath and co-op. That’s the core ingredients for this husband-and-wife project. They successfully kickstarted their game 10 months ago and are ready to release within 2 weeks. I’m surprised they made it this far, especially since the co-op is local. No networking involved. It seems a lot of people are willing to go […]

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