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Report: Face Noir

I recently finished this great adventure game and decided to record my thoughts on the game. It’s my first attempt since ages to record stuff like this and naturally some things went wrong. Something went wrong in postproduction, causing some artifacts on the side. I need to shape up my premiere-skills to avoid these kind […]

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steam greenlight

Steam Greenlight: Project Nimbus

Every new developer who creates a game/program and wants to have it released goes through a rigorous checklist before being allowed to sell their product. This goes for ecosystems like the Apple’s Itunes store, Google’s Playstore and Valve’s Steam. Valve however made the decision that it’s up to us, the consumer, to decide which projects […]

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lucky peach

ASCII game: Lucky Peach

ASCII-games are a nice way of passing time. Some dudes came up with an idea and had it made by the creator of the highly addictive Candy Box. Check Lucky Peach out here. The Lucky Peach creators recommend putting the song below, “I need nothing, I’ve everything I need”, on loop if you want a […]

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