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Review: Gunpoint

If you have no clue what Gunpoint is about, please read my Journal. Still cheaper than a cinema ticket So, after finishing the game in a good 4 hours, I’m here to share my opinion with you, good reader of my humble texts. 4 hours might seem a tad on the fast side, if you […]

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Jick’s Journal: Gunpoint

Gunpoint. I like the game. I haven’t finished it yet. So i’ll write a bit about what I’ve experienced so far. I guess that’s why I called it a “journal” and not a “preview” or “review”. Anywho! Gunpoint is a 2d infiltration/stealth/puzzle game which was released about a month ago. You pick up a mission, […]

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Mark of the Ninja

Review: Mark of the Ninja

Mark of the Ninja is a 2D-platform stealth game developed by Klei Entertainment and is available for pc and Xbox. In the game you embody a nameless ninja on a quest to seek revenge against an Eastern European weapons manufacturer who dared to attack the clan for seemingly unknown reasons. It’s been a while since […]

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