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Delorean FI

Toying Around: Lego Delorean

A while ago a Lego Delorean from the trilogy Back to the Future came up on Cuusoo (now known as Lego Ideas). Seeing as we couldn’t find it in any of our local toy stores, we brought it back from the US on our last trip to NYCC. It collected dust these past months lying […]

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Classic Batmobile

Toying Around: Lego Batman ’66 Batmobile

Since Lego got the license to sell DC comics themed sets, they have released a variety Batmobiles, from sleek Tim Burton-esque hotrods to Nolan’s tank like Tumbler model. One classic has been suspiciously absent though, the black and red version Adam West cruised around in the 1966 TV show. As a SDCC exclusive for 39.99$ […]

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Harley Quinn statue FI

News: SDCC 2014 exclusive collectibles

San Diego Comic Con (SDCC), the mother of all Comic Cons is coming up July 18-21. The ultimate place for geeks to get info on their favorite shows and movies, view exclusive screenings before anyone else, see the coolest cosplayers and of course get some exclusive collectibles you can’t find anywhere else! Check out these […]

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Toying Around: Lego Black Pearl

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for me ….   Grab a bottle of rum (or in our case porto, we were out of rum) and shiver me timbers, here comes the Lego Black Pearl! Christopher Walken voice: It is the..fastest ship.. of seas! It is of course part of the Lego Pirates […]

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Lego: Aquaman on Ice

Did we mention our fondness for Lego. Seeing as monday was a holiday in Belgium, we had some time to kill. And what better way to kill it than with some Lego!!               Having steadily been building a Heroes collection, it was time to assemble Aquaman on Ice! This […]

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Photo 15-05-13 19 30 41

Toying Around: Cups

Welcome to the first post in our brand new Toying Around category! Who doesn’t like a nice piece of merchandising every now and then ? We certainly do. Let’s take a look at a particular favorite of ours: DC Comics cups! Let’s start with a look at the latest addition to our little collection: We came […]

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