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Rewatching Dark Star

While his output has slowed down in recent years, John Carpenter is definitely one of the more interesting movie directors of the past decades. Throughout his career he’s always sought out the freedom to realize his own original stories rather than become a cog in the Hollywood machine. He has however always been more interested […]

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The Evil Plan – Dr. No

As the saying goes every good hero needs a rotten villain to go up against. The more cunning the villain, the bigger the evil, the more heroic the hero looks. Case in point: James Bond, the suave spy with a license to kill. In the movies Bond has battled evil masterminds for over half a […]

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VPC Awards

VPC Awards 2014: Movies

2014 has come and gone. It was a turbulent year in world news, but also an exciting year in movies. Big franchises (we’re looking at you Marvel) and sequels may dominate the box offices but in between were some lovely original gems as well. Here are the VPC Awards: our top 10 pick of best […]

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comic book adaptations

Addendum: The high water mark of comic book adaptations

Comic book adaptations are nothing new, in fact they have been around since the nineteen forties. Ever since the forties and fifties comic book characters have graced every medium available: movie serials, radio shows, TV shows and movies. And while some shows became very popular comic book adaptations were never hot with Hollywood. For a […]

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femme fatale FI

Noir special: The Femme Fatale

Film Noir features a type of woman that is unique in the history of cinema: the femme fatale. These women are fiercely independent and their resistance to family life was certainly unprecedented! Woman in pre-noir films This being a time before there was TV, cinema quickly became mass entertainment. To maximize profits the studios made […]

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Preview: 2014 in movies

With 2013 drawing to a close let’s see what 2014 has in store for us movie-wise: Marvel: Marvel has been on a role these last few years, rolling out a steady stream of high quality movies each year. The company starts the year of with the second Captain America subtitled The Winter Soldier on April […]

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DC Comics deserves a kick in the butt

It completely baffles me that over the course of some 35 odd years DC Comics hasn’t gotten their act together yet and up until this day keeps recycling and rebooting their Batman and Superman franchises. During my lifetime their have been a total of 26 DC Comics movie adaptations of which 6 were Superman and […]

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