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News: Universal building a Monster Universe

These days it is not enough to produce a couple of blockbusters per year for studios to stay in business, thanks to the success of Marvel Studios everyone feels the pressure to come up with their own shared universe. Going with what they used to do best back in the olden days, Universal plans on stitching The Mummy, Dracula, Frankenstein […]

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First Finding Dory trailer swims along!

2003’s Finding Nemo offered a rousing adventure which eventually reunited Nemo with his family. Along the way we also got to know a charming blue fish by the name of Dory with a short memory but she does seem to speak whale! Pixar likes to stick with original stories but every now and then they’ll do a sequel. Next […]

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Batman: Bad Blood trailer

After the release of Batman Vs Robin earlier this year, Warner and DC are gearing up to bring us the third part of the animated Batman and Robin story arc: Batman – Bad Blood.  This time around Bruce Wayne himself seems to be missing, prompting a member of the batfamily to fill his shoes: So with […]

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Lego Wall-E is almost upon us

Pixar really hit cinema gold when it released Wall-E in 2008. The lonely clean-up robot with the romantic heart not only conquered the lovely Eve but also our hearts. Animation director Angus MacLane actually developed a Lego version of the character when he worked on the movie. So naturally he submitted his model to Lego […]

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