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Firefly crew

Paris Comic Con 2016

Another year another con! Right? Well, yes and no seeing this year, instead of stomping Javits to the ground we opted to attend a growing European Comic Con in the heart of Europe: Paris! This con has been growing since 2007 and last year Reedpop took over the reigns modeling it to their NY and […]

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Aquakinesis in action

Road to NYCC 2014: Part III

In my last few posts you were shown Rip’s newest outfit for NYCC in October and a short while after I revealed my very own cosplay outfit. Rip will be embodying Vertigo’s chain smoking Warlock John Constantine and I will be his short term love from Justice League Dark Zatanna Zatara. Now we’re not masquerading […]

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The Road So Far to C2E2 2014

Well hello, fellow cosplayers out there! It’s been a long time coming but our cosplaying extravaganza is making a first appearance with the comings of spring. This year alone Rip and I are planning to attend 3 comic cons: two state side and one just a train ride away from HQ. First up is Chicago’s […]

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Road to C2E2 2014 – intro

Now if you were wondering if C2E2 is a creation of J.J. Abrams production house Bad Robot for the upcoming Star Wars movie, then guess again. C2E2 is an annual comic con held at McCormick Place in Chicago. Having returned from Chicago only recently and fallen in love with the city as a whole, Rip […]

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Road to NYCC 2013: finale

Well this will be my last post titled ‘Road to’ because tomorrow New York Comic Con is upon us! Over the course of the last couple of weeks I have been busy getting the details of my Wonder Woman outfit together. Rip’s Doc Brown outfit was completely done as you might have seen in part […]

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Road to NYCC 2013: part VI

Everything is going so fast. Last weekend I finished most of my Wonder Woman outfit. Today we are rejoicing in the fact that we finished Rip’s Doc Brown outfit for New York Comic Con. “And there was much rejoice, hail!” It took some trial and error to dye the coat but we pulled through. As […]

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