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TV: Rewatch Korgoth of Barbaria here!

In a dark future wasteland, the great cities have risen and fallen, primordial beasts have reclaimed the wilderness and thieves and savages populate sparse, dirty towns. From the frozen north emerges a warrior known as Korgoth, and his merciless savagery may be his only key to survival. Ridden with stereotypes and clichés the Barbarian/Fantasy genre […]

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Fall 2014 TV Preview

Ah its Fall and you know what that means, time to relax! Glass of wine, your favorite easy chair and of course a slew of brand new shows on your home television. So go on, indulge yourself! Just for your convenience we’ve put together a selection of shows to look forward to and the date […]

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comic book adaptations

Addendum: The high water mark of comic book adaptations

Comic book adaptations are nothing new, in fact they have been around since the nineteen forties. Ever since the forties and fifties comic book characters have graced every medium available: movie serials, radio shows, TV shows and movies. And while some shows became very popular comic book adaptations were never hot with Hollywood. For a […]

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Looking Back: Dollhouse (2009-2010)

Let there be no doubt that everything that erupts from the creative mind of Joss Whedon is brilliant. The fact that his creative team can translate his characters, storylines and cookoo ideas so well is an added bonus. That being said, the general public doesn’t seem to get a lot of his stories and TV-shows. […]

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hoc FI

TV – First Look: House of Cards (2013-)

In whatever world of TV we live in these days, the quality of the TV series just keeps on growing, partly because high profile directors and actors find their way to the small screen. Great actors such as Jeff Daniels and Emily Mortimer have starred in The Newsroom, created by Aaron Sorkin. Famke Janssen plays […]

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Looking back: Pushing Daisies (2007-2009)

Bryan Fuller has made some pretty unique TV shows. He just hasn’t had much luck keeping them on the air. He started his screenwriting career writing for Star Trek, making a significant contribution to Voyager (one of our favorite Trek shows). He then moved on to create Dead Like Me, a show about a young […]

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sarah_connor_chronicles FI

Looking Back: Sarah Conner Chronicles Season 1

The theme of man versus machine has often been explored by science fiction. Few versions have become so famous and iconic though as the one developed by James Cameron in his first Terminator movie. In this movie at one point in time a military artificial intelligence called Skynet becomes self-aware and it assesses that humanity […]

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Looking at: The Newsroom

Whoever says that television shows don’t relay what really goes on in the world, is wrong. Take a look at The Newsroom to see what I mean. Directed and for the most part written by Aaron ‘The West Wing’ Sorkin, The Newsroom is a political drama series about a fictional news network, Atlantis Cable News […]

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X-files logo

Looking back: X-files turns 20

Holy flashbacks Batman! It has been 20 years since the first episode of the X-files aired and more than 10 years since the last episode. While a lot of people from “that generation” sort of hooked off after the first 5-6 seasons, the X-files still have a special place in our hearts. David Duchovny was a […]

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