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Review: Ash Vs Evil Dead – Bait (S01e02)

And that my friend, is how we do it! Ash is back in the second episode of Ash vs Evil Dead and he can’t catch a break. After having dealt with the Deadite in his trailer, new trouble arises. Young Kelly takes off with the bike and apparently she took the Necronomicon with her, leaving […]

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Ash vs Evil Dead el Jeffe

Review: Ash vs Evil Dead – El Jefe (s01e01)

Groovy… Back in 1981 Sam Raimi kicked off his career as a filmmaker with a low budget flick called Evil Dead. Telling the tale of a group of kids going to a cabin in the woods and accidentely unleashing Evil through the Necronomicon ex Mortis, the movie blended horror and black comedy in a hypnotic mix […]

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Review: Supernatural season 11 premiere

So, the boys are back, and they brought something old, something new and a washed-up angel in a dirty trench coat along for the 11th ride. Season 10 of Supernatural saw Sam and Dean at odds with each other (what else is new?), Crowley’s mom and the Mark of Cain, ending on an unexpected note […]

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Daredevil Season 1 on Netflix (2015)

As far as adaptations go not much noteworthy can be said of Daredevil. Back in 2003 Marvel Enterprises and 20th Century Fox tried their hand in bringing The Man without Fear from Hell’s Kitchen to the big screen. Sadly the ‘superhero’ movie wasn’t received with a lot praise and Ben Affleck, Colin Farrell, Jennifer Garner […]

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Review: The Walking Dead – Them (S05E10)

After last week’s emotional and tripping episode, The Walking Dead took the time to show the repercussions in this weeks episode Them. Maggie, Sasha and Daryl are especially shaken up by recent developments. Sasha is particularly angry and her behavior does put the group in danger. Otherwise lack of water and food is an issue […]

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TV Review: Better Call Saul – pilot episode

We all know (and love) snazzy lawyer Saul Goodman from AMC’s groundbreaking and seriously well-written show Breaking Bad. Ever since the rise and demise of Walter White’s drug empire we have been jonesing for some BrBa style tv-making and finally the prequel show Better Call Saul is upon us. Luckily for us the same team […]

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TV Review: Gotham – pilot episode

The highly anticipated Gotham premiered last Monday. Fox really geared up the marketing machine on this one by releasing several sneak peaks of the show and featurettes with interviews of the cast and crew etc these past weeks. While the concept of the show is rather new, focusing more on the origin stories of Jim […]

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z-nation FI

TV Review: Z Nation – Pilot episode

When The Walking Dead (henceforth TWD) TV show debuted in 2010 it immediately caught attention. There had been successful zombie movies, but on the TV it was mostly uncharted territory. Luckily The Walking Dead had a wealth of material from its comic book source to draw on. It is one of the hottest TV shows […]

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