First Finding Dory trailer swims along!

2003’s Finding Nemo offered a rousing adventure which eventually reunited Nemo with his family. Along the way we also got to know a charming blue fish by the name of Dory with a short memory but she does seem to speak whale! Pixar likes to stick with original stories but every now and then they’ll do a sequel. Next year they’re going to take us back under the sea for Finding Dory:

Dory seems to have developed a new ability: sleepswimming! Which isn’t really handy and makes Nemo worried. Secondly and more importantly she seems to be getting her memory back! Adventure ensues when she remembers her family and sets out to find them. Other than showing us the premise of the movie it keeps the rest of the plot under wraps (or should I say waves?) for now. Still Pixar promises we’ll see some old characters return along the way.

Andrew Stanton, who directed Finding Nemo is returning to the director’s seat for Finding Dory so it should have the same feel and charm as its predecessor. Judging by what we see in this trailer Andrew has found an angle that makes it different enough from Finding Nemo while keeping a familiar tone. Ellen DeGeneres is also returning as the voice of Dory. The rest of the cast include Diane Keaton, Eugene Levy, Ed O’Neill, Idris Elba, Dominic West, Kaitlin Olsen, Willem Dafoe and Ty Burrell.

This being a Pixar movie I’m sure it’ll make a splash when it’s released on June 17, 2016!

Let us know whether you’re looking forward to this sequel or if it leaves you cold as a fish in the comments below!

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