Judge Dredd tackles Mega City One in new TV show

Judge Dredd is coming to the small screen. After the 2012 Dredd movie with Carl Urban was only a modest financial success, a sequel proved to be a tough sell. Still Dredd was beloved by both critics and viewers and the movie really started to build an audience when it was released on home media. Building on his renewed popularity publisher, Rebellion and entertainment studio IM Global, have started working on a Judge Dredd TV show, subtitled Mega City One.

While he is the flagship character of the British anthology comic 2000 AD, Judge Dredd has had a rough record when it comes to crossing over to other media. With just two movies under his belt Judge Dredd is long due for another adaptation.

2000 AD was launched in 1977 as a combination of both social commentary and kick ass comics. To avoid censorship 2000 AD launched as a science fiction publication, using this genre to tackle contemporary social issues. Judge Dredd came crashing out of the gates of the debut issue and presented a bleak future rife with overpopulation and crime. The Judges ruthlessly try to maintain the law by acting as both judge, jury and executioner. Dredd himself encapsulates  a fascinating duality between law enforcing hero and fascist maintainer of order.

Fourty years later and the Dredd universe is still growing strong, containing a wealth of stories which the Mega City One TV show can draw from. As such, the TV show could be a good fit for the gritty universe, allowing for larger story-arcs and a bigger roster of characters over time.

Not much is known about the new show at this point though.  No casting news or release date at this time so check back regularly for more information.




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