MCM London 2015 Cosplay photos day 3 (pt 1)

Sunday was a warm sunny day, meaning temperatures inside were also higher than the previous two days. Not that that stopped the geeks from enjoying the day. It was a little less crowded than Saturday so you could move around a little more freely, which is always nice.
We went to an Agents of SHIELD panel featuring Iain de Caestecker and Nick Blood and it was a blast. We also saw Tyler James Williams, Noah from The Walking Dead for a short Q&A and we ended the day with a huge Who run the world? Girls! panel.
Seeing as this was our first MCM London comic con our final impressions were that this is a very well organized con. There is one large floor room with a lot of exhibitors. Outside of this floor are a lot of eating and drinking stands with plenty of tables and chairs to take a load off and sit down for a minute. The panel rooms are on a higher level and feature plenty of room. Technically everything in the panel rooms was well in order. MCM London is a large con, I think it is one of the largest in Europe but they make everything run appropriately smoothly.
The people attending  are usually quite friendly and open for photographs. We didn’t encounter any pushing or shoving or any unwanted behaviour.
Again there were a lot of amazing cosplayers strutting their style. We tried to capture as many as we could on camera so enjoy the MCM London 2015 Cosplay day 3 photo gallery and little recap film!

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