MCM London 2015 Cosplay Photos Day 3 (pt 2)

So it turns out Anime and Manga are quite popular in Britain and that was reflected as well in MCM London Comic Con 2015. A lot of exhibitors had merchandise related to Japanese pop culture and there was even a little Asian food court on the show floor. Talk about Pop Asia! From the cosplay side there were a lot of people dressed up as anime and manga characters!

Problem was we’re a bit out of the loop on these shows and series so we weren’t really sure who these people were dressed up as and from which universe their character was. And by ‘not sure’ we mean we hadn’t the foggiest. So can you please help us identify these characters by dropping a comment! Thank you! ^^

Enjoy the rest of the MCM London 2015 Cosplay photos of day 3!

And to give you all a good send off to the real world, here is a little clip of the last moments of comic con:

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