Movie Review: The Nice Guys (2016)

the-nice-guysWho didn’t love the action movies from the late 80’s? I know I did and fortunately I had parents who gave fuck all about R ratings because I was way too young to watch most of the shit I watched back then. Lethal Weapon immediately comes to mind. Though maybe my pubescent mind might not have been able to quite grasp the story as a whole, I found those movies funny as hell. And we have Shane Black to thank for this witty banter.
Though he started out as a screenplay writer, Black is turning out to be a good director as well, just look at Iron Man 3. Another case in point, his most recent The Nice Guys starring Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling, one of the few films in recent years that had me hooked right from the start of the opening credits.
A funny murder PI mystery, The Nice Guys starts with the death of a porn star in the Hollywood mountains. Staying true to his dynamic duo set-up Black subsequently introduces our two protagonists: Holland March (Ryan Gosling) and Jackson Healy (Russell Crowe). Though our two anti-heroes don’t get along at first they soon realize that collaborating will increase their chances of solving the disappearance of the mysterious Amelia. Aided by Holland’s daughter Holly March (played by Angourie Rice) the investigation leads them to a wild party, political porn, revenge and assassins.
Set in 1977, expect psychedelic wallpaper, flared pantsuits, crazy shirts, Farrah hairdo’s and cool sunglasses and above all an awesome soundtrack which will catapult you right back to an era before the yuppies took over. Gosling and Crowe have good chemistry here and their witty repartees showed Shane Black’s signature style reminiscent of his Lethal Weapon days.
Though the murder mystery was a straight forward enough story, untangling the strings of it on March and Healy’s coattails was a fun ride. Absurd at times, heartfelt at others The Nice Guys is a refreshing blast from the past.

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