New York Comic Con 2015 Friday Cosplay pictures

The second day of Comic Con was filled with even more madness. It felt as if Javits was bursting from the seam. The gloomy grey outside of a looming fall storm overshadowed the overall joy of some people. Comic Con is a very unique thing to experience, it is loud, busy, crowded, smelly at times and extremely colourful. But throughout the day -and I’m not alone in thinking this- the flaws of a Con this size are very apparent. Though there are a lot of NYCC crew (staff, volunteers, security etc) to make sure that the mass of attendees get where they want to and line up in the right queue, the organization is a hot mess at times. Having said that my deep respect for each and every one of these crew members because it is not an easy task to handle disgruntled, overstressed and anxious con-goers. Now don’t get me wrong, we are not all totally stressed out, but even I found myself at a loss today as to where I was going and why I had to get in a pre-line to get into another line. Knowing that a day at a con is over in a flash and there is so much to see and do makes waiting in line for this or that seem horrible. But then again, a signature of your biggest idol or your favourite comic book writer or artist can be worth the wait for some people and they don’t mind not seeing the rest of the con. I guess that at this point in my Comic Con attendance record I still want to do it all and experience everything. I want to walk around on the Show Floor and look at all the exciting stuff people are selling. I want to take pictures of awesome cosplayers and find that one special costume of my favourite character growing up that seemed all but forgotten. I want to be able to just sit at the side lines and watch people rush by. I want to attend all panels and it’s utter crap deciding between them. Not just because there is overlap but because there is no possible way I could get in if I decide to attend a panel at the other side of Javits before. I want to goof around booths and play games. And finally I want to meet artists and writers and get my favourite comic book signed. By now I know this is all too much and even if you can attend all four days the organization is making it so hard for you because they spread everything out so much you have to get a four day pass.
As you might have gathered, we had a bit of a stressful day and realizing this half way through the con is just a sad fact because we look forward to this event all year. Heck, we plan our annual vacation – no matter what the cost – around this 4 day event. And although the organization of NYCC needs tweaking here and there and as a hopeful omnipresent con-goer you need to plan out your day meticulously, I wouldn’t trade the experience. So having said that, I’m breathing in and breathing out, telling myself to take it easy over the next two days and put the FUN back in Comic Con and take out the stress.

So enjoy the photo gallery of Friday’s cosplay and be amazed by the sheer madness of NYCC:

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