New York Comic Con 2015 Sunday Cosplay pictures

Sunday, funday right? Well seeing as it was the last day of one hell of a four day ride, we tried to get the most out of the day. Starting out Thursday that four day stretch seems to last for ever and Sunday 5pm seems so far away. New York Comic Con came and went and with it all the anticipation, stress, wondering and cheering. Back in the day when I was still at university I was always looking forward to the end of the exams. I thought that with that last batch of cramming and sitting through an oral exam I would be so glad that it was finally over and I would be exalted by this. Weirdly enough that was never the case. Instead of feeling free and glad, I felt empty. I always said that the end of exams felt sort of anti-climactic. Not many people understood what I meant by this. Though I’m not comparing NYCC to a stretch of exams, the opposite is in fact true here, somehow I still feel empty and sad towards the end of something this intense. I enjoyed the ride so much that in the end I’m left feeling like a half deflated balloon, soaring so high for days that all the air (or helium) has dissipated a long the way. Rip said that NYCC are the best 4 days of the year. A lot of planning goes into our trip and once we’re here and ready to attend Comic Con we don’t want to miss anything. Unfortunately that feeling left me stressing for a better part of the con. Because I want to experience all of it, which is just too much. Though I enjoyed attending NYCC immensely I was also very frustrated at times by the sheer mass of people, the chaos, the lines to get into panels and disgusted by the amount of junk food consumed everywhere. The smell of those awful popcorn machines was just absolutely terrible and I cannot fathom how and why on gods green earth people would eat such rubbish. But on the other hand I was constantly amazed by the creativity of people and the time and effort put into cosplay outfits. It is at those moments I realize I am not alone in my world of geekdom. There are actually people out there who spend their hard earned cash on wigs, contact lenses, leather jackets, special shoes etc. And others spend their precious time hand sewing an outfit or putting together a mind-blowing styrofoam giga costume. People take time off from the real world to experience their dream world first hand. Call it what your will, escapism, self indulgence, projection, other worldly encounters of the geek kind, in the end we’re fans and we speak geek, fluently!

Thank you Comic Con, thank you con-goers. I hope I can come back next year and take my own advice: put the FUN back in Comic Con and tell you all about it on VPC!

On that note: here are some of Sundays cosplay pictures and a special goodbye from my darling RIP.

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