Road to NYCC 2013 : prologue

  This fall marks the first time I will attend New York Comic Con. My very first outing in the world of geek was to our local Comic Con in Ghent – F.A.C.T.s. This ‘small scale’ convention is the biggest one in the Benelux with an average of 20.000 attendees. Other noteworthy larger scale comic […]

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Daredevil fi

News: Daredevil rights back at Marvel

After an absence of almost 10 years in the movies there is some news concerning the movie rights to Daredevil. The rights to Hell’s Kitchen Man without fear are back into the hands of Marvel. 20th Century Fox, the previous owner of the rights, had until October 10th, 2012 to get a movie into production. […]

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iron man movie poster mini

Movie Review: Iron Man 3

Tony, did you create your own demons? Iron Man 3 kicks off this year’s summer season and it is doing so in style. The movie picks up after the events of the Avengers movie in which the newly assembled team of superheroes saves the world from an alien invasion. But as we all know, the […]

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Movie Review: Oblivion

Movie review : Oblivion, are you an effective movie ?   Oblivion is a new sfi-fi movie starring Tom Cruise. It was directed by Joseph Kosinski, who previously did Tron: Legacy. So what is the story here? The background story goes like this: After an unknown object shows up in space, it turns out to be a […]

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wonderwoman fi

The origins of Wonder Woman

Ah Wonder Woman, our favorite heroine. You deflect bullets, force the truth out of the biggest, toughest villains and generally kick ass without loosing your elegance and femininity. Thou art truly the champion of the amazons. Yet after more than 70 years of continuous publication, I thought it interesting to take a look back at […]

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SupermanSymbol fi

Man Of Steel Trailer

This summer is shaping up to be a good one for us superhero fans. Marvel is giving us Iron Man 3, The Wolverine and Kick-Ass 2. But it is DC’s Man of Steel that might be the biggest surprise. Man Of Steel marks the return of Superman to the big screen after an absence of […]

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supermanunbound fi

Superman: Unbound Trailer

Superman fans rejoice! This year we will see not one but two Superman releases. Zack Snyder’s Man Of Steel will mark the return of Superman to the big screen. But there is another Superman movie on the horizon. DC Universe and Warner have given us some excellent animated features over the last couple of years. […]

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