Paris Comic Con 2016

Another year another con! Right? Well, yes and no seeing this year, instead of stomping Javits to the ground we opted to attend a growing European Comic Con in the heart of Europe: Paris!

This con has been growing since 2007 and last year Reedpop took over the reigns modeling it to their NY and Chicago counterparts. Now, Rip and I are seasoned Con-go’ers but experiencing Paris Comic Con completely in French was a bit new to us. The organization did its best to provide an English version of the website and panels were (albeit expertly) translated when international guest stars were present. But there it ended, programs weren’t translated and security wasn’t able to communicate with us in English.

Experiencing Paris Comic Con was however very pleasant in the sense that there weren’t any queue lines (toilet or other wise). This may be in part to the lack of interest in panels or the sparingly populated show floor. Though small compared to ‘US sized’ cons, PCC had everything a good con needed: an array of special guests, photo ops&signatures, merchandising&gadgets, panels&screenings, workshops& goodiebags but overall it lacked ambiance and an all round fun factor. Some attendees however made an effort to cosplay, so without further ado, here are some of the highlights.

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